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The M350H is the vehicle from the Excelway multi-service range with the highest payload, with a total of 3500 kg. This range features various solutions for each requirement.
Thanks to the unique features of the Link system that is supplied as standard, the user can quickly change the machine's implements, enabling intensive use throughout the year. For example, this system allows the M350H to be equipped with an elevating platform for people to perform maintenance on street lights or a salt spreader and snowplough in the winter.
Thanks to its large capacity, compact size and FullGrip 4x4 drive, it is an extremely comfortable vehicle, and can even be equipped with an optional maximum speed of 62 km/h with ABS.

  • Versatility


  • Cost-effectiveness


  • Comfort


  • All-terrain


  • Quick accessory coupling

    Quick accessory coupling

  • Low consumption

    Low consumption