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B200H Euro 6C, the cleanest sweeper in the Excelway range

The most compact Excelway sweeper has been upgraded with a Euro 6C engine.
AUSA's Excelway range is in the cleanest market segment of sweepers.

The compact B200H sweeper from AUSA's Excelway range is the brand's most advanced and high-tech model. Designed with great attention to detail, it is not only one of the best compact vacuum sweepers on the market, it is also one of the most efficient and sustainable, thanks to the launch of its new engine specification.
With this new upgrade, AUSA is bringing to the market its successful B200H sweeper, adapted to comply with the Euro 6C standard, so the Excelway range is now in the segment of compact sweepers with the lowest particle emissions, at the same level as the cleanest diesel cars on the market. And all without reducing the machine's performance or the engine's power, which remains at 68 kW with an impressive 380 Nm at only 1100 RPM, and with a maximum speed of 40 km/h, as before.
This regulatory change means a switch from the NEDC test cycle to the WLTP, which is more stringent and applicable to all manufacturers. 
Additionally, since May 2018, the Excelway B200H sweeper has also been given the highest environmental rating by EUnited, with 4 stars for both PM2.5 and PM10. This rating for the Excelway range reaffirms AUSA's commitment to ensure a more sustainable society.
For any time of the year, the B200H is the best option for combining street cleaning with urban work and maintenance.