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Excelway B200H, a sweeper for much more

The spearhead of the AUSA urban range includes an innovative concept for the best profitability and use throughout the year.

The B200H model from the AUSA Excelway range is the most compact sweeper in its catalogue and also its most technological product. Designed with great attention to detail, it is not only one of the best compact vacuum sweepers on the market, but also offers a very interesting option for use in a variety of applications throughout the year.

The iLink concept
One of the highlights of this vehicle is the iLink accessory, making it the most versatile two cubic metre sweeper on the market. Thanks to this innovative intelligent system, the B200H is much more than a sweeper, because in just a few minutes it allows you to attach different implements to convert it into a salt spreader, a snowplough, a hot water scraper, a street washer, a maintenance vehicle, a third brush…the possibilities are virtually endless.

And the best thing is that this intelligent system does not need any reconfiguration of the vehicle, because it automatically recognises the optional attachment, adapting the interior controls of the cab without the need for any additional action.
Changing the front implements and the rear box are done quickly with leg supports that AUSA offers together with the optional elements requested. Having an urban cleaning and maintenance machine has never been so easy and profitable.

Comfortable and compact
With a width of just 1,300 mm, you can pass through difficult to access spaces and manoeuvre in the tightest of areas. The hydrostatic transmission provides great driving comfort due to the smoothness in all its movements and actions. Similarly, it offers up to 3 types of tractions to better adapt to each occasion: 4x2x2, 4x2x4 and the exclusive Flowtrack 4x4x4, which transmits the power directly to all the wheels and at the same time makes it possible to turn them with an external turning radius of just 2,700 mm.
In the cab, AUSA has focused its efforts on the visibility and comfort of the driver. The large front windshield and glass surface at the bottom of the cab, as well as the lower and rear camera, give great 360º visibility of the entire surroundings.

Equipped with the Euro6 cleanest engines in the market and rated with the highest environmental award by EUnited with PM2.5 and PM10 four stars, its compact dimensions allow it to access the most complicated, narrow and most difficult to access urban areas. For any time of the year, the B200H is the best option for combining street cleaning with urban work and maintenance.
With the Excelway B200H, you will have much more than a suction sweeper.